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Do you need to get a sports team to their next game or tournament?  Do you have a special event or wedding and need to move a lot of people between venues or locations?  Or would you like to arrange a day out in Squamish or Whistler or to see attractions on the Sea to Sky region, whether you are based in Vancouver, Whistler or Squamish?  If you are interested in renting a large or medium size Coach or Bus anywhere in the Vancouver-Squamish-Whistler region,  Squamish Connector would be happy to discuss your needs and what we can do for you and how we can help your event run smoothly without having to shuttle a lot of cars.   

We would be happy to put together a quote for you. 

Event Transportation:  Movie crews, music concerts, conventions, team building activities, and more. We do it all.  It is not unusual for us to work with difficult schedules or strange hours. We are also properly licensed and insured for transporting groups of all sizes.


The Squamish Connector is the Sea to Sky region's transportation expert. We know the area, the attractions, the places to stop, the times to go, and the times not to go.  If you are looking for ideas and suggestions for your group, let us know and we can suggest activities that have been very successful with other groups.  Whether you are looking to take your guests to Whistler to go skiing or shopping, visit the Squamish Gondola or try other activities in Squamish, or just take in the scenery on the Sea to Sky Highway in comfort, Squamish Connector has you covered.  We also work with an extensive network of other providers and can get additional coaches or vehicles for your needs.

Squamish Connector is based in Squamish, halfway between Whistler & Vancouver. We have a good selection of busses, and regularly provide charter bus transportation between Vancouver and Whistler, or for groups within Whistler and beyond. 

Individual transportation between Vancouver and Whistler on regularly scheduled public transport can be limited and expensive. Often, for even a small group, it can make more sense to charter a private bus to get to Whistler. And it is much more relaxing and convenient.  

We know the area - so if you would like to make some scenic stops along the way, or need to get your group to an out of the way place or take them on a scenic tour, the team at Squamish Connector will be happy to give you a competitive quote on charter bus trips to and around Whistler.  

Our Vehicles

Motor Coach - (56 Pax)

bus 2 parked.JPG

Shuttle Bus - (24 to 37 Pax)

Van - (7 to 14 Pax)

Note: Additional vehicles available.

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