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Terms & Policies

  1. No Refunds.

  2. Cancellations are permitted 3 hours or more prior to departure for credit only.

  3. You can change the date, time and pick up location 3 hours prior to your departure at no extra cost.

  4. For cancellation of groups of 8 or more, cancellations must be 24 hours or more from departure.

  5. Third party bookings must follow the change and cancelation policy of the third party provider.

  6. No credit on partially used reservations.

  7. Credits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  8. Squamish Connector is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

  9. While Squamish Connector prides itself on our on-time service, we will not be responsible for delays of our departure and arrival times, which may be affected by any number of circumstances beyond the control of the Squamish Connector such as breakdowns, weather, traffic, road closures, mechanical failures or acts of God. Refunds will not be granted for these circumstances.

  10. In which case the Squamish Connector is not liable or legally responsible for any cost inquired due to the delays. This includes lodging, alternative means of transport, compensations or other expenses.

  11. The schedule is subject to change without notice.

  12. Drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited. Squamish Connector Drivers have the right and responsibility to refuse to carry any person who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs and/or whose behaviour is considered to pose a threat to the driver, another passenger(s) or the vehicle.

  13. The Squamish Connector drivers will help to mount bicycles onto bike racks. It is the owner’s responsibility not the drivers, to make sure that their bike is properly secure.

  14. All property is stored on the bus under passenger’s own risk.

  15. Squamish Connector is not responsible for damage to personal items, lost or stolen goods. This includes, but it is not limited to the bikes that are carried on the outside of the bus. 

  16. Due to the bikes being carried on the outside of the buses, there is a possibility of chips and scratches or other damage to the bikes. The Squamish Connector does not accept any liability for these damages. 

  17. It is the passenger(s) responsibility to observe and be responsible for their luggage and their equipment at all times.  Squamish Connector does not accept any liability for any luggage or equipment that is left at a stop, in or on the bus.

  18. One-way tickets cannot be converted to a Round Trip and vice a versa.

  19. Reselling tickets is not permitted.

  20. Seats are only guaranteed at the time of purchase or reserved under a valid connector pass.

  21. We do not have wheelchair accessibility.

  22. We accept only small lap dogs. Exceptions are eye-seeing dogs, disabled or hearing service animals that are accompanying an individual on the bus.

  23. Reservations are guaranteed until 5 minutes prior to departure.

  24. The Squamish Connector is taking every precaution to ensure cleanliness and safety; however, the Squamish Connector is not responsible for any illness or contraction of COVID-19 obtained while on board. By purchasing a ticket or pass, passengers assume any and all potential health risks.   


We accept cancellations over the phone or email:

(604) 318-5855 or (


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