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Covid-19 Safety Plan

Your health, safety, and comfort, has and always will be our highest priority. As a result, we will be implementing a new protocol to ensure this is a smooth and safe transition. We have been communicating regularly with Worksafe BC and the Transportation Board to ensure we meet the highest standards possible.

We are encouraging a few changes in how you use our buses to ensure physical distancing is respected and everyone feels safe.


- If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home. Call you doctor, local public        health or call 8-1-1

- If you live in a household with someone who has COVID-19 or is showing symptoms of     COVID-19, please do not come on the shuttle

- Keep physical distancing while waiting for the bus

- Keep physical distancing while on the bus as best as possible

- Please follow boarding instructions

- Wearing a face mask or covering your face is required. Face masks are available on the              bus. Please call our office before making a reservation if you have a medical exception. 

- Hand sanitizer will be provided on the bus

- Make sure you make a reservation and have it ready for the driver to scan

- Driver will wear face mask when interacting with passengers

- Drivers who show symptoms of COVID or have tested positive for COVID will require to self-   isolate for 5 days or until symptoms have subsided as per the BCCDC recommendations

-There will be a divider between the driver and passengers, for the safety of both

- Bus will be cleaned and disinfected after each trip

- Please feel free to send us any feedback by email at


Thanks for helping keep our staff and other passengers safe!

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