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Pick Up & Drop off Location 


The bus stops at the bus zone in front of the Adventure Centre. The Adventure Centre is located between Hwy 99 and Loggers Lane, across the Highway from MacDonalds. 

The bus stops in the bus zone outside Shoppers Drug Mart. on Pemberton Avenue between Second and Third Street. 

The bus stops at the base of the Sea to Sky Gondola in front of the guest services doors.

The bus stops on Diamond Road, at the bus stop beside London Drugs (the road to the left when facing the front doors). 


Northbound - Britannia Mine Museum Parking Lot drop off / pick up area 

Southbound - Copper Drive

Britannia Beach SB

Southbound - the bus stops at the bus pull out (on Hwy 99) after the intersection at Copper Drive.


The bus stops behind the Hyatt Hotel on Melville Street,  the bus zone near the underground parking garage. Near to Burrard Station.

The bus stops across the street from Waterfront Station, outside 660 Cordova Street at the block between Seymour and Granville. For landmarks nearby, look for Deville Coffee and a covered bus shelter. 

West Vancouver/Horseshoe Bay

Southbound Only - The bus drops off on Marine Drive, near Park Royal, in front of the Cactus Club.

Northbound Only - The bus picks up on Taylor Way, north of the intersection with Keith Road at bus stop ID# 54730.

The bus stops in front of the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal. When exiting the terminal, we pick up to the left near the taxi stand (not where city buses stop on the right).

Lions Bay

Southbound Only - The bus drops off at Isleview Place @ Hwy 99, at bus stop ID: 61531.

Northbound Only - The bus picks up after Kelvin Grove Way @ Hwy 99, at bus stop ID: 61528.

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