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Squamish Connector vs Poparide

If you need to get between Squamish & Vancouver there is more than one option.  

Squamish Connector is a scheduled bus service that runs regularly between Squamish and Vancouver with stops in West Vancouver. We have room for luggage and bikes, and comfortable, spacious reclining seats.  You can easily book your trip online. We have great prices for regular commuters and good prices for occasional or one time riders.  We always stick to our schedule and offer 2-4 trips per day between Squamish and Vancouver.  

All of our drivers have a Class 2 Commercial Drivers Licences and are professional drivers, tested and experienced in both busy traffic and adverse weather and road conditions.  All of our busses pass regular mechanical inspections and are built to take passengers on a regular basis.  We have top of the line snow tires during the months they are required.  


Squamish Connector is fully insured to transport passengers. 


Poparide is a ride-sharing app that allows you to book a ride with another driver, set up the meeting, and take a ride with the driver.  Often, there are other passengers in the car as well. The app handles the payments on your credit card, and there are a lot of options at some times of the day.  Sometimes drivers are flexible on drop off locations, and sometimes they are not.   

Socially, the experiences can be different.  While many friendships are struck on the Squamish Connector and we have lots of regular commuters or old friends who run into each other, there is, of course, no pressure or expectation to be social.  If you want to snooze, catch up on your emails or the day's news, get some work done, or read a book, that is fine. You would fit in with most of our passengers.   With Poparide, lots of great conversations are on offer if you get the right driver or other passengers.  

You can check the Squamish Connector schedule and make a booking here: 

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